Why Service your Caravan?

Lack of servicing lead to this potentially
lethal greasy brake drum and shoes.
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We all know that when it’s time to bring your caravan out from its winter hibernation that it usually needs a good clean inside and out.

Many people have their caravan serviced as a matter of course, but, there are quite a few that don’t.

“Caravan Service?” I hear you say. “Why does a caravan need a service?”

Well there are many things that should be done on an annual basis, much of which can be done by you.

However, certain jobs should be done by the professionals, and that’s where “Premier” Caravan Services come in.

We provide a comprehensive annual service that will check all the major workings of your caravan and any problems found will be rectified by our fully trained staff. So you can rest at ease knowing your caravan is safe for another year. (See Service Page for breakdown of details on a full annual service).

Water ingress can be a major problem and all caravans can suffer from this. It can be extremely costly to put this right if not caught in time, and unfortunately cannot be claimed on your insurance. We offer a FREE damp Check.