Caravan Damp Repairs - Water Ingress

Water ingress in a caravan or motor home can be very expensive if not caught in time. Please donít think that yours is exempt because it has been made by a certain manufacturer or that it is new and has a 5yr guarantee against water ingress, they ALL can leak no matter who made it or how old it is.

The only way to make sure that yours is not leaking is to have a regular damp check at least once a year or maybe even twice. Donít be fooled into thinking you canít smell damp, you canít see damp so canít have damp. Remember that the walls have vinyl on them so the water canít get through it from the outside so it just sits there and spreads, gravity pulls it down and before you know it your wall boards and timber frames are rotten.

We will carry out a damp check on any caravan or motor home FREE of charge (provided it is brought to us) regardless of age or make and upon request we will provide a written estimate for any work that maybe required.

Unfortunately some caravan and motor home owners are unaware that their pride and joy could end up costing them a fortune to put right because no one told them about having the checks done or of the damage that water ingress can cause. If you have a damp check carried out yearly it could potentially save the life of your caravan or motor home, in the early stages of water ingress, if caught in time it may need just a re-seal, but in extreme cases some are beyond economical repair where they have been left for years unchecked.

The pictures that you see may open your eyes to the importance of these checks, they should certainly get the message across if not, well youíve been warned.

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